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Three E's of Product Loyalty.

If we create financial interfaces that are aesthetically appealing (enticing), that enables users, and enriches their trade experience we build brand loyalty. If we continue to produce applications that are overly complex (annoying), have too many learned behaviors (disabling) we should expect little loyalty.

Universal Basic Income.

If we're in IT we're fortunate. I've visted countries like Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Haiti, Cambodia, Cuba: We're very fortunate. Regardless of our financial security there's always that nagging voice: 'what if I fail to produce, become obsolete, get sick, can't work' - the fear of death, loss of dignity. I believe Universal Basic Income (UBI) will act as an enabler and exciter for everyone that has access to it. A floor that you can't drop below. An end to that impoverishing voice.

Repurposed Design.

Went to the Venice Architecture Biennale this year and got interesting in repuposed design - essentially just recycling / transforming an object and redeploying it for another use. Living in Asia part-time you can just run down to ABC Carpets or Pottery Barn and furnish your place. Repurposing existing or found objects is a very cool alternative as it's green and it's a great creative outlet. Above are some examples I've seen and would like to implement.