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We’re a small NYC / HK based creative media firm delivering bespoke financial design (don’t yawn) for research portals, trading apps, trade OMS, reporting, CRM, prime brokerage and mobile / tablet software.

Our focus is on aesthetic design, usability, personalization and human computer interaction. We collaborate with clients to produce logical, compelling, competitive interfaces that garner attention on the street.




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Financial Design


template-monsta5Need rapid iterative design?

Monsta is a services start-up from Human Interface, focusing exclusively on financial apps in the NYC arena. We deliver interfaces that garner attention on the street without the expensive agency bloat, risk of dealing with creatives that don't appreciate traders needs and we offer the absolute fastest industry turn-around times.

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I appreciate your continued help over the last 8 years assisting 200+ internal apps adopt our StyleGuide. As always your design style is fresh and stays ahead of the corporate curve. Thanks, Mike
Michael Ogrinz
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